Lex talionis (disambiguation)

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The Latin phrase Lex talionis refers to the legal principle of exact retaliation. It is a principle developed in early Mesopotamian law and is also present in the Bible as "an eye for an eye". It may also refer to:


  • Declaration of Lex Talionis — developed during the First English Civil War (1642–1646) as practical—rather than moral—mutual restraint by the parties to the war on how they treated prisoners of war
  • Lex Talionis Fraternitas Inc. Sodalitas Ducum Futurorum — an exclusive fraternal organization of Filipino jurists, legal practitioners, and law students founded on September 28, 1969


  • Lex Talionis (1989) — an album by English neofolk band Sol Invictus
  • Lex Talionis (1994) — an album by American death metal band Acheron
  • Lex Talionis (2016) — a Bollywood film starring Akash Dhar and Anya Singh