Angrignon station

Coordinates: 45°26′46″N 73°36′13″W / 45.44611°N 73.60361°W / 45.44611; -73.60361
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General information
Location3500, boulevard des Trinitaires
Montreal, Quebec H4E 4J3
Coordinates45°26′46″N 73°36′13″W / 45.44611°N 73.60361°W / 45.44611; -73.60361
Operated bySociété de transport de Montréal
ConnectionsSee Terminus Angrignon
Depth4.3 metres (14 feet 1 inch), shallowest, tie with Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke)
ArchitectJean-Louis Beaulieu
Other information
Fare zoneARTM: A[1]
Opened3 September 1978
2022[2][3]3,215,291 Increase 37.43%
Rank19 of 68
Preceding station Montreal Metro Following station
Terminus Green Line Monk

Angrignon station is a Montreal Metro station in Le Sud-Ouest borough of Montreal, Quebec. It is operated by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) and is the western terminus of the Green Line.[4] The station includes a large bus terminus for buses to southwest Montreal, the West Island (Dorval), and South Western Quebec. It opened in 1978.


Station kiosk

Angrignon station is built with windows encasing the tracks and side platforms, which creates a very light and airy environment. Jean-Louis Beaulieu received an award from the Ordre des architectes du Québec[5] for the design of the station.

The station is equipped with the MétroVision information screens which displays news, commercials, and the time till the next train.


On the platforms, Les Boîtes vivantes by Shelley Miller is a ceramic photography montage of Parc Angrignon's Quartiers d’hiver. This was the winter residence of animals of the Jardin des merveilles (Garden of Wonders) - a former urban zoo in Parc La Fontaine.[6] The work was installed in 2022 as part of work to make the station accessible.[7]

Station improvements[edit]

In October 2019, work began to make the station universally accessible with the installation of elevators at a cost of $18m.[8] As part of the project, the glass walls of the station were replaced to improve watertightness. A piece of artwork was also installed. The work was completed on December 9 2022, making it the 24th accessible station.[7]

Origin of the name[edit]

Jean-Baptiste Arthur Angrignon was alderman of the district of Saint-Paul and a member of the Executive Committee of the city of Montreal. He oversaw the development of what is now Parc Angrignon on what was land that belonged to the Crawford family. The area was named after him in 1927.

Nearby points of interest[edit]

Terminus Angrignon[edit]

Terminus Angrignon
General information
Location3500, boul. des Trinitaires LaSalle, Quebec Canada[9]
Coordinates45°26′47″N 73°36′15″W / 45.44639°N 73.60417°W / 45.44639; -73.60417
Operated byRTM
Bus operators
Parking733 park and ride spaces[9]
Bicycle facilities90 place racks[9]
Other information
Fare zoneARTM: A[1]
WebsiteTerminus Angrignon
2016[10]6,168,600 (Exo)

This large bus terminal is a facility of the Réseau de transport métropolitain (RTM). One area has bus bays assigned to suburban commuter buses from southwestern Quebec, with three bus loops being used by the STM[11] for routes that service southwest Montreal and the West Island. They also operate an adjoining park and ride lot.

Connecting bus routes[edit]

Société de transport de Montréal
36 Monk
37 Jolicoeur
78 Laurendeau
106 Newman
109 Boulevard Shevchenko
110 Centrale
113 Lapierre
195 Sherbrooke/Notre-Dame
350 Verdun/LaSalle
406 Express Newman
495 Express Lachine/LaSalle
exo Roussillon (CITROUS)
200 Terminus Angrignon - CÉGEP André-Laurendeau - Autoparc Georges-Gagné
exo Sud-Ouest (CITSO)
1 Valleyfield - Angrignon
21 Châteauguay - Angrignon
22 Châteauguay - Angrignon
23 Châteauguay - Angrignon
24 Châteauguay - Angrignon
25 Châteauguay - Angrignon
26 Châteauguay - Angrignon
31 Châteauguay - Angrignon
32 Châteauguay - Angrignon
98 Kahnawake - Angrignon
exo Haut-Saint-Laurent (CITHSL)
111 Ormstown - Angrignon (Service between Sainte-Martine and Ormstown replaced by new local public transit route starting January 4, 2021)[12]

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