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This is a proposal for preventing edit wars over two disputed versions. - VeryVerily

If you (or someone else) are involved in a conflict between two different versions of page, instead of reverting to the other version you can insert this notice at the top and drop in the ID # of the alternative version, which will allow the reader to view both independently. This should be a temporary measure while the dispute is being resolved on the discussion page.

To use this template, insert the syntax


where version# is the seven- or eight-digit ID # from the page history of the other version.

This will create a notice that looks like this:

There is presently an editing dispute over two versions of this page.
One version is below; you may also view the other version or the difference between the two. Other versions are in the page history.
Please do not revert to the other disputed version unless it is decided on the discussion page that this should be done.

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